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4 Easy Steps -> Step 4

The Certificate of Completion is required when you report to the FAA. Your certificate is printed from your account. You may also include in your reporting the FAA Letter of Approval.

1. Notify Blue Tuna by email if you have problems here contact page. Please don't call unless it is absolutely necessary to notify us in this manner.

2. The FAA and Blue Tuna audits course records and quiz results for regulatory compliance.

3. Several IAs will wait until the last minute to renew their training and this causes a bit of congestion as you can imagine. Also we serve many men and women who have been deployed and are in the Middle East so we are training 24/7.

4. Report to your local FSDO according to Regulatory Compliance CFR 65.93 Inspection Authorization Renewal.

We strive to keep this simple and easy.




IA Renewal is a Blue Tuna Company.

Blue Tuna provides training and documentation for Part 145 companies.


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