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Log In - Your Log In consists of a Username and Password that is unique to you! This ensures you are credited with the training results and ensures accuracy if audits are ever necessary.

Log In information is generated immediately upon registeration with If you ever forget your Log In information it is simple to retrieve. Just click here.

Once you have logged into the system, pick the course you would like to train in and click it!

It is that simple!

Train - The actual training event is fully automated. The training event includes graphics, video, text, sound and music. When the training event begins, make sure the sound is turned up on your computer. If you need to quickly review a point, just click reverse. If you need to suspend play for a while just click pause. When you are ready to proceed just click the play button.

The Challenge - Successfully complete all courses and quizzes.

It is easy.


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Blue Tuna provides training and documentation for Part 145 companies.


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