Inspection Authorization Information

FAA Letters of Approval:

All courses offered on this site have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Inspection Authorization, (IA) renewal training.

The Dirty Dozen of Human Factors 30 minutes credit

The Curse of Complacency 30 minutes credit

Crimping and Stripping for Terminations 30 minutes credit

Fiber Optics 30 minutes credit

Avionics Blue Print Reading 30 minutes credit

Avionic Fundementals 30 minutes credit

Battery Installation and Maintenance 60 minutes credit

Part 43 CFR 60 minutes credit

Airworthy 60 minutes credit

Major Repairs and Major Alterations CFR 60 minutes credit

Maintenace Minefields 60 minutes credit

View and/or Download the FAA Letters of Approval here.

Form 8610-1 - Mechanic's Application for Inspection Authorization - Privacy Act July 1, 2010. This form is be to filled out and turned in to your FSDO when reporting your refresher training.

Inspection Authorization Knowledge Test Guide. This PDF is a guide for becoming an IA.

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