Inspection Authorization Renewal Training

4 Easy Steps to Renew IA Requirements Online

On Line Training does not have to be complicated! We have made every effort to make this site and the training experience informative, entertaining, functional and at the same time satisfy regulatory requirements.

1. The first step is Log In and Train. Once you have purchased the training and you are ready for a training session just Log In through the Training Tab. Your unique username and password allows you access immediately . Log In from anywhere in the world where you have broadband access. Training has never been easier. Sit back relax, pay attention and watch the presentation.

2. The second step is the test, a quiz. There is one quiz at the end of each course. You must score 70% or higher on each quiz. If you fail a quiz, simply go back and retake the quiz until you improve your score to 70% or higher.

3. The third step is the training record itself. This is proof that you have taken the course and passed the quiz. When the quiz is submitted after the last question the quiz results are immediately available. If you score below 70%, simply go back to the course menu and take the course until you score 70% or above.

4. Your final certificate of completion. After your successful completion of all required courses, the system will allow you to print your certificate. Report your results to the local FSDO per regulatory requirements.

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